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Wow... I have the worst luck in the world.

Day 17 – June 11th
The start of a 10 day work week. Wooo. Woke up feeling crummy still. Basically went to work, came home and slept. On the way home I did stop at the Clubhouse with Carol and we borrowed to movies. I wanted to get High School Musical. It’s so popular, and I’d never really heard of it until I came here.

Day 18 – June 12th
Spent most of the day sitting, trying to get better, and resting up. Had to work 530 – 2 am due to extra magic hours. Except two hours in my shift I was ringing through a guest at a register, and I started coughing and couldn’t stop! So I quickly finished off, and then stepped away to see if I could stop coughing. Still no. So I step backstage, and eventually go upstairs to get some water. After about 10 minutes I finally manage to stop coughing up a lung, but it was so bad I had water streaming down my face like I was bawling my eyes out. Horrible! Everyone was wondering if I was alright. I had a few issues breathing once I stopped coughing, but I thought I’d be alright. So I go downstairs and am about to go onstage, but not being able to breathe had me worried. So I decided it might be best if I go home.

I go back upstairs and talk to the managers (I have about 10 managers lol), and explained to them what happened. They were kind enough to let me bump out early and go home.

So I catch the bus home, and vedge on the couch. Called my parents to let them know, and they told me that it wasn’t that serious. My mom said that I just couldn’t breathe because of my lungs doing this silly thing from the coughing. So I just needed to take it easy.

Day 19 – June 13th
Did a Walgreens run since I had run out of cough syrup. Bought some more Propel too. That stuff is good, way better than the Arizona iced tea that I’ve been drinking since I can’t get anything better in the way of iced tea down here (it’s gross). Finally watched High School Musical. It wasn’t bad, but nothing I would write home about. The music was pretty good though.

Went to work, and survived it (thank goodness!!!). Worked until midnight, so came home and slept after that.

Carol in her Innoventions gear.

Day 20 – June 14th
Still feeling under the weather. Had to get up early to go to the Social Security office (grumble). They load us all onto 2 buses, and take us to Kissimmee at 830 in the morning. We wait, and wait, and wait as people get processed from the first bus, since I was on the second one. Carol and I were beginning to get impatient since we both had to work later. So at 11 we get off the bus and wander over to the building. The lady says that all we can do is wait, it usually takes a long time. So we decide to just wait there.

Eventually we make it into the building, are given numbers. Eventually we get called up. When that’s done I’m heading out, and the lady says “Congrats, you made the first bus back.” I was confused, but boarded the first bus anyway. Carol wasn’t there, even though she was called into the offices before me. The bus heads on back to Vista finally at about 1230. Get back at 1245.

Kelsey had the dayoff, so she and I go to Seven 11 to get slushies and Virgin Mobile top up cards, since Walgreens has been out of them. Get some Wendy’s on the way back. Found out that Paul go the Jedi Mickey that I sent him when I was at MGM. Yay! Then I head off to work since I needed to stop in at costuming and get some clean costumes and drop my dirty ones off. Also picked up my first paycheck! It wasn’t as low as I thought it was going to be because they took off 2 weeks rent from this one.

Go in for this meeting for the ICPs and CPs. Only a 4 hour shift, which was a nice change. When we’re all done the meeting, all of us went down to CDS to get our next assignments. It was funny having about 15 Mouse Gear people all crowded around one end of the register banks trying to log into CDS. However, it wouldn’t give us assignments! Tomas, one of the managers, had to try to sort it out. So I did putbacks for a while, and then Steph and I had to organize Mr Potato Head (So by the way, if you decide to play around in the Build your Own Potato Head section, please please please be kind to us Cast Members and put your pieces back where you got them when you’re done!!). Went on break, and then came back and did main bank register for a while. Then it was time to go!

We back to Cast Services and changed, then went back out to Epcot. Met Kelsey infront of the Fountain of Nations. We then wandered over to Mexico, and looked around at the inside. Tried on one of the big sombreros. Then we went back outside and met up with a fellow character attendant of Kelsey’s, Ryan.

Went to American Adventure for dinner, then watched Illuminations infront of Mexico. Such an amazing show, I could watch that every night if I could get there.

We then met up with more character attendants, and then caught the Monorail over to the Magic Kingdom, where we watched Wishes from infront of the Castle. So spectacular (though Illuminations is better ;) ).

The Castle right before Wishes.

Ryan, myself, Crystal, and Duncan on Splash Mountain. Notice how the girls have their hands in the air and the guys are screaming for their lives?

The park was emptying out, but we rushed over to the Jungle Cruise for only a 5 minute wait. It’s so much cooler at night! Definitely give it a try if you have only done it in the daytime before. Then we jumped onto Pirates of the Caribbean. Still not impressed with the new version, but it’s still fun. After that it was a quick hop over to Frontierland and onto Splash Mountain. We were one of the last boats to be loaded for the night. It was a lot of fun! 3 rides in only 45 minutes ;)

There was a second showing of Spectromagic, so we went to Liberty Square and watched it go past. After that the park was closed, so we caught the Monorail back to Epcot so I could get my spare costumes from my locker. Then we came home.

Day 21 – June 15th
Still sick. This is getting annoying. Had to work early, so didn’t do much in the morning but sleep in. Then went off to work.

Was on Main bank registers most of the day, but it was fun because I’m starting to know my fellow Mouse Gear engineers better. There was a rogue String Thing out of the box, so we were goofing off with it.

I also got to do my second magical moment, which was another Pixie Dust Pin!! =D This time I gave it to a girl about 12. It’s always so much fun to give those out!

And I love pin trading, by the way. It’s so cute when a little kid comes up to see the pins. Sometimes you get rude people about it, but that’s typical with anything. Also starting doing the mystery pin, which lots of people seem to like!

Was told today I was "sweet and stuff". Hehehehe. Oh, and someone else also said that I speak English very properly.

Carol, Michelle, and I caught the bus home together. Carol, Kelsey, Karen and I decided we wanted to order Chinese food. It was sooooooooooooo good to have a full meal, with fresh veggies (veggies are tough to find here, we have to take a 40 minute bus to WalMart, and their vegetables are gross…I would love to go to Publix one day to get good produce).

Day 22 - June 16th
Worked the evening shift today, not a lot exciting except the usual being sickly and all that. My throat decided it wanted to hurt even more, so when I got home from work I walked over to Walgreens to get more cough syrup. That was interesting, it was so late!

Day 23 - June 17th
Worked at 10, which was a bit of a change.Got to do 3 Magical Moments today as well. Did the Share the Magic, where guests get to fill out postcards to family or friends back home and we'll mail it off for them. Also did Mouse Gear Matchup, which is where guests (kids) get to play the game memory. We had this one little girl, she would get so excited when she matched the cards up! She would start clapping and jumping up and down. It was so cute! The last Magical Moment I got to do was Mr Potato Head races, where kids race to build a Mr Potato Head. Had a lot of cleaning involved, but it was just as good!

Came home and hunted through the cabinets to see what I needed for food and suchness. Nothing all that exciting, just curled up infront of my computer. I need this cold to go away!!!

Day 24 - June 18th
Worked at 845 this morning. It was so much fun, we got to do Rope Drop! Mouse Gear people put on the Mickey gloves, stand in the East Breezeway and wave to all the guests as they enter the park. I love it! You get to wave, and high five them, and I so totally want to do it again!

Came home and had good chatting with Grace, Emma, and Karen. It was good to get to know Grace and Emma, as they don't often stick around the apartment.

Couldn't barely sleep though! I ate something funny, and the resultant was food poisoning! This is the 3rd time I've gotten it here, but this time it was really bad. Why do I have such miserable luck? :(

Day 25 - June 19th
Got up at 415am so I could catch the bus to work. Still wasn't feeling very well, and even took a bag with me incase... well, just incase. Sat in the Cast East breakroom for 45 minutes waiting for my shift to start.

530 AM shifts are pretty cool! John, a CP, and myself helped out David (another manager) change around some displays. I really wasn't feeling that great, and the crouching and lifting wasn't helping. Luckily David was nice enough to let me ER (leave early) because I was so sick.

And so now here I am sitting on the couch. Carol is being super sweet and gone to Walgreens to get me some soda crackers to settle my stomach. I'm progressively getting better, I can now get water into me without troubles. So here's hoping I'll get through this.

On the upside, I think my cold is gone... heh.

Photobucket isn't cooperating right now, so photos will come soon. I hope.
"You can dream, create, design and build the most wonderful place in the world... but it requires people to make the dream a reality." ~Walt Disney

Will do a new entry and catch up on all comments soon!

days off! woo!

Day 13 – June 7th
My first day off since I’ve been here! Woohoo!

Kelsey and I headed off to Animal Kingdom this morning. We wandered through Dinotown and I showed her where Dinosaur was. Then we went through Asia and passed Expedition Everest. Grabbed Fast Passes for Kali River Rapids, then headed to find some lunch. Go some foot long hotdogs, and found this really great place to sit near the water that over looks the Tree. It was so pretty.

Went back to Asia to make our Fast Pass return. Kelsey wasn’t feeling up to going on Kali, but insisted that I go. So I went and had a blast. The cool thing was that there was a guest that I talked to the previous day in Mouse Gear on there. I don’t think she recognized me, but I remembered her. She had come up to the register I had been working with some art supplies. She mentioned how her son loved learning how to draw, so the Mickey how-to art kit was perfect. I asked if she had been to Disney Quest yet, and that there was a small Animation school in there that teaches you how to draw the characters. She was so excited, saying how her son has autism and a program like that would make him so happy. I was glad that I had filled her in on that =)

I didn’t get very wet on Kali, which was kinda disappointing because it was SO HOT out.

We wandered over to Africa to catch the Kilimenjaro Safaris. The standby was 60 minutes, so Kelsey and I both got frozen lemonaids with the Pluto straws in them, and then headed to the queue. We were kinda worried about the time, because Kelsey had to work later that day. Luckily we made it in time. The Safaris were so great! There were a few changes since the last time I rode it, no more Big and Little Red!! That was really depressing.

Kelsey waiting for the Kilimenjaro Safaris

The safaris again.

Then we caught the bus home so Kelsey could go off to work. Waited for Carol to come home and went to Epcot. Rode Mission: Space, the extreme version, and then went to France for dinner. Warning, don’t eat in France. She and I were both sick afterwards =(

Came home and slept.

Day 14 – June 8th
Was still feeling a bit off from last night’s food, so hung around the apartment for most of the day.

In the afternoon I caught the bus to Disney-MGM Studios. It was Star Wars Weekends! Was supposed to meet Carol under the big hat, as she was going there from work. Unfortunately, she’d forgotten something back at Epcot so she called to say she would be late.

I wandered over to Star Tours and got on after only a 5 minute wait (not even that!). It felt kinda silly saying “one” when they asked how many people, but it was still fun nonetheless.

R2D2 on the Starspeeder at Star Tours

Wandered around to see if I could spot Kelsey doing her Character Attendant thing, but no luck. Was getting hungry, so I grabbed a pretzel to munch on while waiting for Carol. Went over to the Tip Board, and there Carol was just coming up the street!

Myself and Carol infront of the big hat in MGM.

Convinced her to go on Tower of Terror. Poor girl was petrified, but all the guests around us were very nice and helped me to comfort her that it would be alright. It was so much fun, and she enjoyed it! YAY Carol!! =)

We then went back to Star Tours, because she wanted to go on that. So we did. MUCH longer line this time, which was strange. It was 30 minutes this time around, which was alright.

Went back over to the Fantasmic area, and were intending to go on Rock n Rollercoaster, but it was temporarily down. Instead we grabbed dinner at the little eating area there. Kelsey called, and joined us for dinner.

At 730 while we were eating, Space Shuttle Atlantis was launched. We could see it from the park. It was so cool to see it launched!!!!

Space Shuttle Atlantis taking off. It's that white smoke trail.

After that we went over to the Hollywood Hills Amphetheater to get our seats for Fantasmic. After an hour and a half of waiting the show finally started. It was so pretty. I’ve never seen it before. But then, halfway through …. it stopped due to technical difficulties!! That was a bummer.

We headed off towards the bus and came home.

Day 15 – June 9th
Woke up miserable. I’ve come down with a cold!! Spent the morning trying to relax and get fluids into me so I could get better. Also did my laundry.

Went to work feeling miserable. It wasn’t fun being so sick at work. My voice was so froggy and gross.

Interesting happening though. A guest was asking how you spell Jibbitz, which are decorations you put on Crocs shoes. So I replied “Jay-eye-bee-bee-eye-tee-zed.” They gave me a cofused look. “What’s zed? Is that like ‘zed-ee-dee’?”. This confused me in turn. “You know, the letter of the alphabet? X-Y-Z?”

It was quite humourus. I’d forgotten that Americans say “Zee” while Canadians say “Zed”. However, just because we say Zed, we do know what Zee is. It was kinda silly that they hadn’t even heard it pronounced Zed before.

The 1230am bus coming home was a no show, and eventually a bus came at 1245. Went right to bed, because I was so tired.

Day 16 – June 10th
Another day off. Work up worse with my cold. Ick. Definitely didn’t have the energy to do much. Wandered over to Walgreens to get some cough medicine and some more groceries for the day.

Now it’s thunder storming out (again), pouring rain, and hailing. Joy. And here I thought Manitoba had a lot of storms lol.

Oh, and American food is way too salty.


Sorry for not keeping up! Yikes. Been working a lot of night shifts, and since I’m a morning person, it’s been really rough. Fun, but rough.

Day 8
My first day of training at Mouse Gear! Got up and lounged around the apartment for a little while, before heading off to Epcot Cast Services. Met up with my trainer Sabine. She was really nice =) My training buddy was Maria, who is really nice too. She’s also an ICP from Mexico. We went to costuming and got our Mouse Gear costumes. It consists of old lady tan cargo pants, this pinkish zippered shirt with an interesting collar, and a blue vest with these silver buttons that look like gears.

It’s really awesome to see backstage Epcot. How fun is it to be waiting for the Cast East shuttle and to see Test Track going?

Did a bit of on the job cashing, which was a little intimidating. It’s funny, because I always have the urge to do my Safeway training, not my Disney stuff. Thank by last name, escort to item? Hehehehe. With my Earning My Ears on my name tag, guests are very nice to me and very patient. So it’s all good. Didn’t get my pin trading lanyard yet however, because they were out of them.

After work at 730, Kelsey met me in Epcot Cast Services, and I quickly changed out of my costume. We headed onstage to find something to eat. After much debating (we stopped at the Land, Mexico, China), we finally stopped at Germany. Got sauerkraut and bratwurst on a bun for dinner. Sucked it up and got an American iced tea. I think I was so happy to drink something that wasn’t a soft drink (Americans drink a lot of pop) that the iced tea actually tasted decent for once.

Kelsey and I took our food and wandered over to the World Showcase Lagoon to grab our spot for Illuminations. Because of a rain warning, there were lots of spots left (this was about 830ish). Illuminations was amazing. More misty eyes on my part, especially when Canada was all lit up. It was absolutely spectacular.

A blurry me eating my bratwurst and waiting for Illuminations to start.

Day 9
Got up early to go to the Magic Kingdom. Carol, Karen and I caught the bus to the TTC, where we were supposed to meet Kyle (a guy we met on our previous visit who’s on the US college program, and very obsessed with Disney… ie: knows the words to HM like Kelsey and I). He was going to be late due to his roomies falling asleep in the shower, so the girls and I headed to MK on the Monorail.

First thing was to get on the WDW Railroad and get ourselves to Frontierland. Decided to do Splash Mountain first, so we would have time to dry off (at least, so I could dry off since I had to go to work). Carol & Karen sat together, and I sat behind them. We all got drenched. Not like last time were we only got a little wet, but all out soaked! The funny part was is that it wasn’t on the large drop, but as we were going around it. Another boat was coming down and splashed us. Heheheh.

The Walt Disney World Railroad.

Carol and Karen on Splash Mountain.

After that we met up with Kyle finally, and then headed onto Big Thunder Mountain. Requested the back, and got it. It was so much fun! Spotted the guy in the bathtub again.

After than we headed to Haunted Mansion, my last time on it before it closes for refurbs. So classic. Then we hit up Pirates of the Caribbean. I have to say that I was very disappointed with the new version. I miss the talking skull, and the addition of Jack Sparrow wasn’t all that exciting. Though I will say Barbossa was really good (but probably because he was so similar to the old captain on the ship), and so was the Davy Jones affect. Oh well.

Had lunch at El Pirate Y El Perico. Very salty tacos, but not bad generally. Stopped in Adventureland on the way out and grabbed a Dole Whip. =)

How many people can say they rode the Monorail to work? In MK we parted ways with Kyle, who wanted to go on Space Mountain. Carol and Karen came with me to Epcot via Monorail, as they wanted to go on Test Track. Stopped in at Cast Services, changed, and off to work! Spent most of the day training on Cash, and then after the last guest left we started to do put backs and floor stocks. Worked until midnight, very tiring. Caught the bus home with my fellow ICPs from Mouse Gears. The bus driver was going to bring us right to Vista, but a Canadian CR jumped on at the last minute, so we had to stop at the Commons first. That was alright, because the Canadian was cool. He worked in Le Cellier and told us to eat there at least once.

Came home, relaxed for a little bit then went to bed.

Day 10
Was very tired from work the previous night (jet lagged still, plus working late not good). Went to Walgreens to get some groceries since I want to take a lunch to work, because I don’t think I can run to the Discovery Diner everyday in only half an hour, eat lunch, then run back.

Went to work again, my first day without a trainer. Was a little intimidating, but generally I survived. Made a few errors, but it’s expected of a newbie. My coworkers are really nice, so they helped me out lots. A girl from Mouse Gears drove some of us from Vista back home so we didn’t need to take the bus. Yay!

Day 11
Happy Birthday Kelsey!
Was really tired from the last two days again (depressing, I know). Stayed around the apartment, tried to get my energy up. Decorated Kelsey’s birthday cake, and made some soup for lunch. Shipped off to Epcot Cast Services for work.

Happy Birthday Kelsey!

They had Maria and I scheduled for Floor Stock, something we hadn’t trained for yet. We talked to the coordinator and manager on duty, and they were confused. Typically new people stay on register for a while to learn it before they’re trained for floor stock. But, everyone on register were new people too! So we got trained in Floor Stock. I got to do Kids 1, which is where all the stuffed animals were. It was fun, but A LOT of work. I would straiten something up, a few minutes later it would be all messy. Plus I started dancing to the music playing in the area, which was fun. Carol also stopped in to say hi to me when she was off work, which was great!

It was extra magic hours, so I didn’t get off work until 2am. Very tired. Got another ride home, which was very nice.

Day 12
Got up around the same time, was deadly tired from the night before. Haven’t been able to stay in bed very late though. Kelsey had the dayoff (human contact, yay!). We spent the morning around the apartment, then wandered over to Chik-fill-A for lunch. On the way we stopped at Wallgreens for some groceries.

Then it was off to work again. Went early so I could go to Costuming and get new costumes for the week. Was on register the entire time. It started pouring outside, so all the people came into Mouse Gear. It was absolutely nuts! Sold a tonne of ponchos and umbrellas.

Luckily for me the rain stopped when I was done work, so I didn’t get wet while I was waiting for the C bus to take me home. They were testing out Test Track, so it was fun to watch the cars go zooming by as I went to the bus. Called Mom and Dad while I was waiting, was good to talk to them again.

And that was my last few days… woo!

Jun. 2nd, 2007

There's something to be said about being able to go and watch Illuminations: Reflection of Earth after work. Wow. Just, wow.