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Looking Back on a Great Thing

Welcome to and Thank you everyone who stops by this blog! I'm glad that my blog still acts as a resource for all those looking for information on the Walt Disney World International College Program. My time on the program was some of the best and most memorable days of my life! I can't believe it's been almost three years since I left for the WDWICP. Time certainly flies.

I'm going to keep my blog up for as long as the internet will allow, so that it can always be accessed by those who are interested. I do still poke my head around here, so you might see periodic housecleaning / replying to comments / deleting spam.

If you want to keep reading my Disney stories, my friend Kesley (my roomie from the program) and I have started a Disney theme park blog, MaketheMagic.ca. Please stop in and let us know what you think!

If you have any questions regarding Disney or the Walt Disney World International College Program, please visit my new Disney blog and leave a comment!

Thanks! Have a Disney Day! :-)

Aug. 13th, 2007

I realise it's been a while since I last posted. Funny how all the Disney ICP blogs seem to end up the same way, including my own: lots of posting at the beginning, eventually trickling off to a small drip every now and then. It's amazing how much you keep busy down here, between working for the Mouse and trying to fit in as much as you can.

I have less than two weeks left.

That thought makes me both sad and happy. Sad that I have to leave such a happy place and all the new friends that I've made. But happy that I get to go home, sleep in my own bed, see my family and friends again, see my kitty cat, and not have to live in a country where the food makes me sick every week.

Last night was Summer's last day at Mouse Gear. She started crying at the end, and it made me very sad. I told her if she was ever in Vancouver to come visit me.

In more happier news, last week my parents flew down to visit for a week. It was a lot of fun getting to show them around. We went to Epcot for two days, Magic Kingdom for another, I got to go swimming at Vistana (I love Vistana!), and they took Kelsey, Carol, and I to Kennedy Space Center. It was so cool too see! Just the day before the Space Shuttle Endeavor was launched. So to actually see the launch pad where the shuttle was launched less than 24 hours before was very very cool.

This Wednesday the girls and I are going to go have a Princess Storybook breakfast at the Norwegian pavilion in Epcot, and later that day I'm going to go meet the gang for Sorcerer Radio! It's very exciting!

However that night it's inventory, so I have to work from 11 pm - 9am. It's going to be a loooong few days. I'm going to be very tired come my one day off on Friday.

Do not pull rope?

Finally got photobucket to work, so here's more photos! Click the link below to see the rest.

The sign warned us not to pull the rope, so what did we do...?Collapse )

More photos soon!


I still can't believe that I'm working for Disney... it feels like a dream.

Fun is to be had by all.

Um… oh wow, over 1000 hits… Thanks everyone for visiting! It’s time for me to update then. This one shouldn’t disappoint, no more sitting around on the couch being sick for me!!

I warn you though... this one is lenthy... seven pages in Word. Yikes.

Pictures will be added to this tomorrow (Saturday), as there are too many people online right now, which means Photobucket won't work :(

Day 26 – June 20th
Very awesome! Slept in to catch up on some sleep that I had lost from being sick the previous night. Kelsey and Carol decided to brave the 45 minute bus ride and go to Publix to get real food, of which they took a taxi home because they got more than they could carry home on the bus. They got me salade and cheese! Yums! I miss real food! I also did laundry while they were away. Also made a dinner reservation.

After that we decided we’d hit up the Disney MGM Studios to see Indy! There was only one more show when we got there, so we quickly obtained our Fast Passes for it (and yes, the fastpasses we get do day Cast Member on the bottom. Muahahaha.). We had only about 20 minutes to wait until the show, so Kelsey and I went and got Slushies (Disney Slushies are awesome). We also checked out some merchandise. I got an Indiana Jones Mickey to add to my collection.

Indiana Jones was awesome! Kelsey and I tried our best to be picked as volunteers, but alas we were not. Some guy in this outrageous Hawaiian shirt was chosen instead ;) After that we went and watched Muppet Vision 3-D, my favourite 3-D show by far. I love the Muppets. Perused a few more shops before we decided we needed to catch the boat to Epcot.

Only Carol had taken the Friendship before, and that was from Epcot to MGM, so we weren’t sure how long it would take. It was fun, but we realised it probably would have been just as fast to walk it, as there’s a path that goes along the water.

We made it to Epcot. I’ve never been into Epcot that way, via the International Gateway, so that was cool. We made it on time for our dinner reservation at the Rose & Crown. They gave us a beeper, but we only had to wait 5 minutes until we could sit. The food was soooooo yummy. We were all very happy to have real food.

Kelsey got a call from Ryan, and we were going to meet him and Crystal (another character attendant friend of Kelsey’s) at the Magic Kingdom for Wishes later. We wandered around. The World Showcase the long way, stopping in at Norway to have a berry cup for dessert. And let me tell you, when you haven’t had fresh fruit in a while…. That was the best thing ever!! Will definitely be going back there.

Then we headed out the front entrance so we could hop the monorail to the Magic Kingdom. The only bad thing was that we had an extra passenger join us, a cockroach! It was so gross… but then, this is Florida. We’ve had two dead cockroaches in our apartment, so a live one… just ick.

We got there in time to catch up with Ryan and Crystal and watch Wishes. It was so pretty as always. Next it was over to Tomorrowland! We went to Stitch’s Great Escape, no lineup. I don’t think the spray worked on my chair, because I didn’t have to suffer through the chilidogs. Hopped right onto Space Ranger Spin after that. 80,100 points for me ;) Then we caught the TTA around Tomorrowland, for one nice nighttime view of the park.

Finally it was home via the A bus for Carol, Kelsey and I.

Day 27 – June 21st
Still getting over my stomach bug, so I ended up sleeping in a little bit again.

In the afternoon I headed out to meet up with Kelsey over at Animal Kingdom. Saw her doing her CA thing over in the Oasis.

Went and caught Expedition Everest via the single rider line. I’m not sure if I saved time compared to the Standby line, but oh well. It was a lot of fun anyway!

After that I managed to catch the Jammin’ Jungle parade! That was really neat. It would be fun to be one of the guests selected to sit on the floats. Then I wandered the park looking at the attractions. Got a chocolate ice crème cone as I waited for Kelsey to call.

She finally did, and we met up and headed over to Kali River Rapids. On the way we stopped in and got our photos taken with Pooh and Eeyore. The wait for Kali was 40 minutes (had been 50 minutes when I had checked before, which was a longer wait than EE!!), so we waited in Standby. It was really only a 20 minute wait. I love that ride, even though it’s fairly short.

Then we wandered over to Dinosaur. Kelsey decided to try it. She was scared, but survived! Woo! It was a lot of fun, but manages to scare me on it every time! In the afternoons the park gets really quiet, the line for Dinosaur was only 5 minutes!

We were both really tired, hot, and hungry after that, so we caught the bus back home to Vista. It was Thursday, so we went and got our cast member discount at Chik-fill-A.

Day 28 – June 22nd
This morning Kelsey and I trekked it off to Epcot. We wanted to go on Test Track, however the standby line was too long, and the fast past times wouldn’t work because we both had to work later that day.

Decided to go on Mission: Space Green, which had a nice short line. Next we had a bite of lunch at the Electric Umbrella, since we hadn’t had breakfast. The food there isn’t that great, just typical burgers and fries etc.

We then wandered over to Journey into Imagination with Figment. I love that attraction, even though it isn’t as good as it was. But a good tidbit: in Epcot Cast Services, there is the Hallway of Echoes. It’s called that because if you stand at one end, people at the other can hear perfectly clearly what you’re saying. In it are all these paintings done by cast members. One of them is a Figment one, with the word Magic lit up in fibre optics. It also has voices speaking… its the original Figment and Dreamfinder sounds from the original Imagination!! I was very excited the first time I heard it. I really miss the old attraction.

Next we did the Seas with Nemo and Friends. The new clam cars are very neat, but I do miss the old Seabase Alpha. And the fact that the hydrolators are gone? Very depressing. At anyrate it’s still neat to go and see.

Spaceship Earth was next on the list. Unfortunately the car we got in had a wonky sound system that kept cutting out on us, so it was difficult to hear the words. Wandered around the Art of Disney store a bit, before trekking across the park to go on The Grand Fiesta Tour in Mexico. I was a little iffy about how the refurb was going, and I have to say I was really impressed! While they did change a few things, what they mostly did was take what they had before and adding the Three Caballeros! It was good :)

We went backstage and over to Epcot Cast Services after that because Kelsey had to go off to work and she had put her stuff in my locker. Then we split ways, she – heading for the monorail, and I – heading for Mission: Space orange. It was good as always, though this time around I was the Commander.

The wait had been a long one, so it was time for me to go backstage and change into my costume. Did that and went to work, but found out… Maria had told me the wrong start time! I was supposed to start at 330, not 530! I was very sad, because had I known I could have started earlier, I was in the park already! Tomas, the manager who was on felt bad for me. Luckily I had clocked in early, so it was only half a point instead of a full one, but still. Maria felt really bad when I told her, but oh well, nothing we can do.

Day 29 – June 23rd
Nothing overly exciting. I worked at 845 so I got to do the wave again!:)

Day 30 – June 24th
Worked at 530, which meant I had to be up at 430 in the morning. Not nice. It’s not bad though, I actually like this shift. You get to do stock, get hot chocolate, and get to do the wave. I was off at 2, except I was so tired that I just went home and vedged. Got a movie out from the Learning Centre and watched it. It was pretty cute. Angels in the Infield. It’s a sequel to Angels in the Outfield, except this one has the guy from Soarin’ and Sienfield.

Day 31 – June 25th
Worked another shift bright and early. Getting used to it, but still, 430am should not exist. Tonight when I came home I watched Oliver and Company. I hadn’t seen it in ages, it was really cute.

Day 32 – June 26th
Yet another early early shift. I really enjoy this shift, except that all my roomies have been working nights so I don’t get to see any of them!!! Today Grace and I made plans to go get groceries! Yes! Real food! We took the bus to Publix, and spent about two hours going through the store. I was so giddy and excited to see real food!! We took a taxi home since there was no way we could carry all that we bought home on the bus. YAY for Real Food!!!

Day 33 – June 27th
We’ve officially been in Orlando for a month now, since we didn’t arrive until May 27th! The three of us happened to get the day off together, so we decided to get another thing off our list: all four parks in one day.

Some said it couldn’t be done, but we planned to do just that. We slept in a little bit, then got up, grabbed a quick breakfast, and then caught the bus to the Animal Kingdom. We decided we would each choose 1 thing in each park to do. We headed over to Kali to get fast passes, then over to the Kilimanjaro Safaris. The wait was an hour and a half already!! We decided it would take too long, so instead we back tracked and managed to get on It’s Tough to Be Bug.

We still had time to wait after that, and somehow managed to get in line just in time to catch the Finding Nemo musical. That show was absolutely adorable! Definitely recommended, though it does fill up very quickly!! Go with the floooooooow.

Next we hit up Kali. Kelsey and I barely got wet, but Carol got fairly wet. It was the other side of the boat that got really drenched. Which was fine by us, because after that we went over to catch the Disney Transport bus over to…

…Disney MGM Studios! Stop number two on our 4 parks 1 day event. First we grabbed a bite of lunch at the ABC Commissary. Their chicken curry was really good!

Next we hopped over to the Backlot Tour. Unfortunately we weren’t able to be picked as the volunteers for Harbour Attack, so we’ll have to go back and try again some other time. We think that our tour guide was new, because she fumbled a few times on her spiel. It was still fun :)

I bought my Indy hat, then we caught the High School Music Pep Rally. It was cute, the music is really good. Next we grabbed some of the yummy Disney slushies and then headed to the Friendship Boat Launch.

2 parks down, 1 to go.

We had dinner reservations for Alfredos at 745, which was really good for calling in that morning for a reservation. The food was sooooo yummy! We split a cesar salad, then each of us ordered fettuchini alfredo (the original creator of alfredo is the owner of the restaurant). It was so good! Best alfredo I’ve ever had. We each ordered dessert. I had the cannoli, which had chocolate chips in it. We were also serenaded by two of the Italian waiters. It was a lot of fun!!

We wandered over and caught the Maelstrom, which was a tonne of fun as always. Short lineup. The movie wasn’t playing, so we hopped right on through. We headed to Mouse Gear to look, before heading out and catching the Monorail to…

Park number 4!! We went to the Magic Kingdom next! We got to see Wishes from the Monorail, which was really awesome! :) I have some great videos of the MK with Wishes in the background, but unfortunately I can’t upload them with my slow connection. When I get back home I will.

We got off the monorail, and Kelsey knew a shortcut backstage to bypass the post-Wishes crowd. We went to Tomorrowland and hopped right onto Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin. My best score yet at 173,900! Muahahaha.

We caught a nice ride on the TTA and got to see the Magic Kingdom all lit up for the night. It’s so pretty :)

Our last ride of our long day was on the Astro Orbitor. It was good fun. I’ve never been on it before, and I didn’t realise how scary it was! I’m glad I’m not afraid of heights, because that was very high up!

We caught a very packed A Bus home. So to any non-believers out there (and yes, we did talk to a few that day who didn’t think we’d able to do it). We did all four Disney World parks in one day !!

Day 34 – June 28th
We came back and went over to Walgreens as she needed some groceries and a phone card, and then came back. It was a dayoff for me, so I just lounged around trying to recoup from all the running yesterday. Went and read my book by the pool, which was so nice.

Day 35 – June 29th
Worked bright and early again. Didn’t do much… again.

Day 36 – June 30th
My last early morning shift for a while. I’m kinda sad, they’re a lot of fun.

Day 37 – July 1st

We all booked this day off, so we could celebrate! Wearing our red, white, and maple leaves, we decided to head off to Epcot to see the festivities at the Canadian Pavillion. Met a Canadian on the bus who works at Le Cellier, Corey, who had the day off as well. He tagged along with us throughout the day which was fun.

At the Canadian pavilion we walked around a bit and saw the shops, and then watched the (very outdated) O Canada movie. It was cute. We were all from BC, so we cheered at those bits. They had a little thing outside with Canada day trivia and prizes, so we filled that out and got bracelets.

They had a celebration backstage for Canadian cast, so we slipped back there and had POUTINE. It was so terrific and yummy. Not as good as home, but when you’re deprived of it, it tastes so good. They also had goodie bags and such. Also ran into Matt, who works in Le Cellier who I run into on the bus when I work lates. We wandered around Canada a bit more.

With a brief stop in at Morocco (as Kelsey had forgotten her umbrella backstage there from a previous shift), we headed over to Mission: Space Green. I love it. =D After that we debating on riding Universe of Energy. Had planned to go to Cast Connection, so we left Universe of Energy and instead went to the Monorail. Change our minds again as it was getting late.

It started raining (POURING, I should say). So we jumped onto Spaceship Earth in hopes that the rain would stop by the time we were done. Wrongo. It was raining even worse. Blech. So we dashed across to Innoventions and Carol grabbed her poncho from her locker. Kelsey had her umbrella, and Carol and I shared her poncho (which was an XXXL, so we just draped it over the two of us). Corey didn’t have any rain protection, so first we dashed to the Pin Station and he grabbed some bags and made an impromptu poncho, and then we ran to Mouse Gear and he bought a poncho.

After that, we decided that the rain wasn’t going to be letting up anytime soon, so we decided to suck it up and trek to the Beach Club nonetheless. We’re from Vancouver, what’s a little torrential downpour?

We made it to the International Gateway eventually, and the nice Friendship drivers told us it would be faster for us to just walk to the Beach Club, so we did the short jaunt there, eventually getting lost and then found again in the Beach Club Resort. It’s very nice. Though I think I took the brunt of the rain, as the capris that I was wearing were soaked. No way I was going to eat dinner with wet pants. We went to the resort gift shop and I bought new shorts. Yay shiny!

We finally made it to Beaches and Cream, and the wait was an hour! We decided to wait it out, as we were there anyway. There was an arcade next door, so we went and invested our time and money with the games of videos. Kelsey and I tried to play some ripoff DDR, but it wouldn’t let us challenge each other. So we did that. Then we played some air hockey. Good times. We played two rounds, and then Corey played against me. I am the supreme champ. Muahahaha.

Actually, my air hockey skills are pure, dumb luck, but anyhow.

We went to check on our wait time after that, and found out they could seat us right away! So we went in and order the… KITCHEN SINK!

It was good. Massive, but good. They flashed the lights in Beaches and Cream and made this big announcement for us. Very cute. The thing is, this actually comes in a kitchen sink. With all the toppings they offer. And lots of ice crème. It was good, but we no way finished it.

Another thing checked off my Disney to do list. :)

We wandered back to Epcot Cast Services and then caught the bus home.

Day 38 – July 2nd
Working late again. Did not do much but sat on my tush on the couch and surfed the web. I think I slept in. Aren’t I the exciting one?

Day 39 – July 3rd
Today I tackled my course planning for fall semester. It needed to be done, as my course registration is coming up quickly. Did I mention they denied giving me the dayoff for course registration? Not a complete and utter woe of mine, but it would have been nice. Now I just need to hope they give me an evening shift, or the very early shift. Oh well.

Worked until 2 am. Very tired.

Day 40 – July 4th
Happy Independence Day to my American friends!

Surprisingly they gave me a short shift, in the middle of the day no less. It was very busy there today! Was on register, so got to interact a lot with guests and all that good stuff.

Was off at 845, so I met up with Kelsey, Grace, and Meredith. We went and grabbed a quick bite over at the Electric Umbrella (now with non eyesore costumes!). The park was open later tonight, due to being a holiday. We wandered over somewhere near Canada and watched the fireworks. Just. Wow. They were awesome!

Illuminations made me misty, as per usual. The addition for the holiday was great too. I’ve never seen so many fireworks set off at once. Really. The finally for the extra stuff was so loud, you could feel it making your skin shake. We were all very deaf after that.

Of course, trying to get out of the park after that was miserable. We eventually managed, but of course trying to catch the bus back to Vista was even worse! Grace tried asking a few people in cars if they’d drive us, but no help. It would have taken us 4 bus waits to get home, since lots of people went to Epcot to watch the fireworks since we couldn’t get into MK that day.

Luckily, Ryan was nice enough to come and get us and give us a ride home. Yay Ryan!

Day 41 – July 5th
Worked until 2 again. Get very tired from this. Called Mom and Dad, which was nice. Wish I could call more, but internet is free. Phone is not.

Day 42 – July 6th
DAY OFF! Woo. I have been very tired from working such late shifts, as the previous week I had such early ones. We had an apartment inspection today, so we did much cleaning. Grace went and got the vacuum from the Clubhouse, so I vacuumed Kelsey and I’s room, and we all pitched in (minus one roomie, who never does a lick of work). We did well! We passed with flying colours, except apparently our walls weren’t clean… because you know we’re all for throwing our food and stuff against the walls and dirtying them. Oh well. They still gave us chocolate for our pass! It was a delicious victory indeed.

Sat around on the computer due to my lack of energy of not getting to bed until 3am from working the night before.

Grace and I walked to Bahama Breeze for dinner. It was so so. I enjoyed the appies, but the entrée wasn’t all that great. Oh well. Got me out of the apartment, which is all good.

Came home, did some drawing since I was bored, and more reading of the comics and generally sitting on my tush. Oh, and now blogging.

And now I am officially caught up!